…and what remains is the precious life we used and still want to live. No more, no less
Silent know-how
Besides our consultancy- and technical skills, our knowledge consists of beliefs, ideals, values, schedules and mental orientations. They are deeply engrained in our DNA and in our hearts. Our thoughts and actions are often guided by them without making them explicit. This silent know-how constitutes part of the foundation of our belief.
We care
For elderly people, the world is getting smaller. Great deeds no longer count. It’s the simple things that make life worth living: your own home, a safe place, services and care and - if possible – doing what you feel like doing. Our goal is to connect with the residents’ wishes. Their way of living is our starting point. The necessary features of the architectural design, the public spaces, the functions and the organization are necessary to meet their needs. This results in a familiar living environment and a higher quality of life.

We are DVA Dementia Village®

For those who have forgotten who they are. For those who no longer count time. For those to whom love and care is all that matters. DVA Dementia Village® Associates creates custom living environments for seniors with and without dementia. No big anonymous buildings, but instead manageable and pleasant residential areas. Where it is comfortable for everyone to live. Where residents feel safe at home. Where they enjoy living out their final days, connected with family, caregivers, healthcare- and service providers. Where they can enjoy the precious life they were used to and still want to lead.
Paradigm shift
Paradigms under the senior living and support and (dementia) care for the elderly have to change dramatically. Therefore, new initiatives have to follow the change of paradigms as described hereafter if they want to deliver a state-of-art elderly care. These paradigms are also the vision of the European providers of housing support and care for vulnerable seniors. The paradigm changes are:
- Quality of life will be the focus of the core business as an outcome of the delivery of support and care services.
- From ‘care´ to ´prevention and inclusion´.
- The current facilities are often based on an institutional model that was back in the 70’s the standard but needs to shift to a home model where people feel more at ease.
- When a person is in need of care, family is often not involved anymore when a person is receiving residential care.
- The institutional design of residential aged care of the 70’s was designed based on a dominant medical point of view.

Focus on quality of life means also that we have to personalise the service and care for the customers where we now deliver a more ‘one size fits all’ package.
The consequence of our approach is that we have to maximise the choices that a person can make based on what they are used or want to do (costumer focus). This instead that the life of our customer is regulated by the way we have organised our delivery (system dominance).
We create a well known environment for people with dementia, just like home...
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