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Camira Fabrics

The main focus of the event was to promote the Camira ethos of ‘design with substance’. Over the past four years Camira have developed a healthcare specific range following vigorous research & we are now looking to organise this event to help inform a handful of their key customers all of which are designers working within the healthcare sector. Ultimately Camira is working towards improving design within healthcare, and with the expertise of DVA helping their customers to make better and more informed choices when designing within this market area.

With our experience and knowledge following our Dementia Village projects, Camira and their guests where inspired by discussing our thinking processes when tackling the Dementia projects: how did we made key choices regarding colours, fabrics, furniture and how all these elements create a healthier environment for the residents. Examples on how one can improve lives for people living with dementia, reactions and improvements from the residents at the Dementia village based on our design choices was also presented.

Camira Fabrics
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