Consultancy DVA

DVA are consultants in the field social inclusive living environments e.g. but not limitative, in the elderly- and dementia care and intergenerational living. DVA offers strategy- and organisation development (according our Roadmap©), urban- and architecture advice, masterclasses and lectures, support on study trips and all similar consultancy and support. 
Our business is to develop integral businesses for the senior living market. Integral means that we connect the vision, design and financial business models with the goals to have a maximum fit between the “hardware” and the “software”. This means the services and care; the living environment and funding must form a holistic concept. We usually operate in the public and private market with non-profit and for-profit business clients around the world. Our vision is based upon: 
  • Realising a better quality of life experience 
  • New standards of care and services 
  • New economic business model (business concept and business case) 
  • Entrepreneurship including social and financial benefits 
In short: “Ageing is not a disease but a stage of life”