DVA Hudson Hills

A Dementia Village concept requires a cultural shift in thoughts about care of older persons. A shift from the medical system to a social relation system. The focus is on experiencing health and enjoying a normal and social life, despite the dementia syndrome and other health problems that occur, a holistic view on people. This cultural shift demands creativity and person-centered focus from the developing team and all professionals within the organization. It is a shift from the institute to normal surroundings and a normal daily life with professional help and support.

The familiarity of the Dementia Village is designed to reduce residents’ confusion and create an environment which promotes active participation in the community and facilitates opportunities to remain engaged with activities you enjoyed throughout your life course.  The underlying integral concept contributes to a socially active environment that clearly couldn’t be more different than a traditional care model. 

The concept is based on 6 pillars, equally important and in the total (as a holistic and integrated concept) resulting in a normal life for the people living with advanced dementia. The 6 pillars demonstrate the concept’s cultural shift and operationalization of the philosophy and its commitment to honor the basic human principles. 

Project information
  • Client: Hudson Hills - Senior Living, New Jersey-US
  • Role DVA: Translation care vision into build environment together with 'Be the hogewyck care concept' and Buro Kade Architects
  • User: Hudson Hills - Senior Living
  • Location: New Jersey-US
  • Design: Buro Kade, 's-Hertogenbosch-NL
  • Completion: Concept design-2018
  • # Units: 72 dementia, 24 service apartments and renovation existing buildings